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Happy Holidays


Rosh HaShanah_2013

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From the 80’s through the early 2000’s, I drew editorial cartoons about the New York political scene. Of all the outsized personalities, the one that loomed the largest was Mayor Koch.

His distinctive looks and character were made for cartooning. With his often-surprising statements and actions, he created his own punch lines. Having spent so many hours getting right the curve of his nose and the arch of his eyebrows, it’s hard to believe he’s gone. I’ll miss you Ed.

A_Mayor Koch

Koch_Bare Cupboard




Koch_City charter







Koch_How Am I Doing?





Koch_Weenie Catcher

X_Koch_The End

Happy Jew Year_2013_Web2There’s more fun and joy like this for the rest of the year in ” Babushkin’s Catalogue of Jewish Inventions” Available at


Tomorrow, 11:30am, Sunday, Dec.9, @ The Dolphin Bookstore, 299 Main Street, Port Washington, NY, I’ll be reading and drawing from my book,Too Many Latkes! If you’re in the neighborhood, please stop by. I’d love to see you.

Hag Semayach.

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The Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty.  March 26, 1979. Jerusalem Post

The Israel-Palestinian Declaration of Principles, 1993


The First Lebanese War, 1983

The Camp David Accords, 1978


Thank you everyone who called and wrote us with concern about our safety. We feel lucky and humble that we came through this disaster with very little loss. Our hearts go out to all those who are still suffering from the storm and its aftermath. We wish you all a full and speedy recovery.

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